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Discover authentic German gourmet mustard, manufactured in PEI, Canada. Atlantic Mustard Mill condiments are made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and 100% solar energy - packed in reusable packaging.

Family owned and operated.

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You enjoy our mustard - we donate.

Micha's parents got both this disease when they were mid to end of their 40th. They lived with it quite well, but started to struggle when his father was not able anymore to walk on his own. Thanks to the great support they received, they enjoyed live as much as possible.

Now, we like to help others who have MS and rise awareness for this disease. With every jar of mustard or other mustard products you purchase, we will to donate 3%.

Thank you kindly for all your support.

Sabine & Micha Schönknecht

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***NEW*** The Black Label Edition The "Green Peppercorn Strawberry" mustard is the secound of three new mustards we will offer you. A smooth mustard with a fine taste of fresh, local, organic strawberries - refined with the wonderful taste of green peppercorns.


About Lucky Bee Homestead and Atlantic Mustard Mill

From their homestead in Murray Harbour North, Sabine and Michael Schoenknecht spend their days (and many nights) creating unique, delicious mustards, jams, jellies, and other accompaniments. All of their products are made with the finest ingredients, including organic and local products wherever possible. They are committed to environmentally-friendly practices and all of their products are made with 100% solar energy! 

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