Hot Jerk Spice Blend - Big Cove Foods

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This spicy blend has been inspired from the flavours they've experienced in Jamaican cooking; their favourite kind of cooking. Not afraid of heat, daring and bold.

They tried their take on a spice blend to replicate all the feels they feel when they enjoy this cuisine, and they think they've landed a pretty authentic tasting combination of flavours. But see for yourself! Try this blend on BBQ chicken or some rice and beans and let us know what you think. 

Let these flavours inspire you.

I pouch contains 20g

herbs and spices, hot pepper flakes, habanero powder, sugar, sea salt, onion powder, black pepper, tomato flakes, garlic, ginger (sulphites), orange peel, chives

All-Natural, no fillers. No gluten added!
Made in a facility that also processes: mustard, sesame, sulphites, wheat