Halloween - the Pumpkin Mustard

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Limited Edition! Thanksgiving sale.

Our friends asked us to make a mustard from their organic pumpkins. Sure, we said, and here it is. 

Mild, a bit sweet and absolutely perfect with your Turkey dinner. Left over turkey? Use this mustard on your Turkey sandwich together with a strong cheese, stir fry with Turkey or mix it with sour cream and you have a wonderful dip.

250 ml

Stone Ground Whole Seed, Organic Ingredients, Fermented, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Friendly

Made with 100% Solar Energy

Ingredients: Organic White Vinegar, Organic Yellow Mustard Seeds, Chardonnay Wine, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sea Salt, Pumpkin Jam (Organic Pumpkin, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Citric Acid), Chardonnay Wine, Pumpkin Spice